Drift Creek Falls Trail

It has been a while!

This is not why I paid to have  a website. So anyway, since that last trip to Seattle, we haven’t been sitting idly by. We’ve been up and out and about.  Up and down the west coast.  We went to California, sorta a bust of a trip, but we met some new people in San Diego, then we went up to Washington to basically congratulate my brother and Sis-in-law on making a baby


Congrats! …I guess?

Anyways, but today my lovely wife, Denise, and I headed towards the coast. It was a toasty 74 Degrees today.  We could not have asked for a better day.  We drove for a while then we got to the foot of the mountain where this trail is located and it was a bit scary at times, having to pull over as huge log trucks squeezed by with only inches to spare. But after 30-some minutes of butt-hole clenched driving we finally made it to the trail head. Only to discover this wasn’t the virgin pristine trail I had dreamt about. We had to keep driving and park on the shoulder a few minutes away, tons of people everywhere, at least we didn’t have to pay the park fee.


Next we walked through what was an amazing forest.  You could find all the things you find in a regular forest, the trees, the bugs, the mud, the tourist, the trails, the trash, the random panties on the side of the trail.  But anyway, the main attraction of this trail is the AWESOME suspension bridge which is about 1.5 miles into the trail.


Said AWESOME Suspension bridge.

But as you’re walking on this AWESOME suspension bridge, your ears are hearing something like rushing water. WHATS THIS, besides the totally AWESOME suspension bridge, there’s a goddamn GORGEOUS waterfall to your left. So close you feel you could almost touch it. (You can’t really, its like 20 feet away.) Anyway, as you can see from the photo above we stopped to take pictures here for a few minutes, we had to wait for all the swarms of people to get out of our shots.


The GORGEOUS waterfall


After a few shots we kept walking to make our way to the foot of the GORGEOUS waterfall. after another 1/4 of a mile we make it to the bottom. After walking for so long we dip our toes into the nice cool spring water emanating from somewhere. It was refreshing to say the least.  So we take a few more pictures, breathing the cool mountain air, ate a cliff bar because we were starving, and headed out.




This is us being all coupley, look at how sweet we look. We’d still cut you up if you look at us wrong


Lastly I give this Trail, 4.5 trail-markers out of 5, I honestly don’t have much to compare it to currently, but the large number of tourist was upsetting, but mama nature stepped up her game with the waterfall. No let downs from her part. Go here if you’re ever around these coordinates, 44.932773, 123.855743.

P.S. Stay tuned for a Documentary.



Hey Internet,

So this past weekend we were with our good friends Isabel and Abraham, they were celebrating their 1st anniversary of being wedded together, and to celebrate we took a trip to Seattle. (Though it was actually a few weeks afterwards)


Here is Abraham, not wanting to be photographed

It was agreed upon by the males that we would be leaving sometime around 6… we actually rolled out of bed by 7, drinks from last night had us pretty relaxed.

We arrived in Seattle like at 11? I don’t remember, I took way to long in making this post since these events happened. But anyways we decided to explore downtown Seattle for a bit. After finding a parking spot we head to…


Us looking Punk

The Public Market Center on Pike Street!

We walked all the way through the market, I dont think we bought anything, we just took in all the sights and colors and smells. Just dipping our feet into the Seattle experience. it smelled good.

After that we saw a magician that got upset at our generation and walked away angrily because no kid wanted to get close to him, but a nice Vietnamese magician popped out to save the day with a nice rope trick. Sadly I didn’t have cash with me to give him. Then we walked the pier and made our way to Olympic Sculpture Park.


The first time we came to Seattle we took a picture with this butt, we decided to keep the tradition of butt photographing going.

Then we found this piece of art, it was a box, which is stuck to the ground, you can’t open. We know. Because we tried.


Here is the box to the left, and you can also see the space needle creeping in the background.

Later while walking we remembered that Seattle has that cool gum wall. We made our way back to the market, since it turned out it was right there! But not before stopping at…

Romios Pizza & Pasta!

They had this great deal, 2 slices for 5 bucks, and this great server, don’t remember her name but she was great, brought us our drinks and felt like a long lost aunt that worked at a downtown pizza bar, point I’m making is that it was good pizza and that you should go!

Anyway, we made it to the gum wall and contributed to Seattles effort to plaster this alley with gum. It was a little gross, luckily the gum is all dry, well it looked like it, I sure as hell wasn’t going to check.


Doing our civic duty at the Gum wall

Our legs felt all wiggly and sickly after all the walking, so we headed back to our hotel. We also needed to get ready to go eat at The Pink Door.


Trying to look pretty

The food was delicious! like a foodgasm, you can’t really put it into words how good this lasagna that I got was.

the lovely bespectacled couple

the lovely bespectacled couple

That was the end of that first night at Seattle, we headed back to our hotel were we finished the day by watching Michael Westen save some kid.


This is a cool shot of the dinosaurs at the PSC, and the couple again (Click it)

The following day we went to the Pacific Science Center! It was awesome. There was butterflies, Dinosaurs, Space, Whales, Real Sheep Brains, they had it all! Even had the chance to smell what the breath of someone that doesn’t brush their teeth is like. Ripley’s also happened to be there with some pretty cool stuff as well. All in all it was awesome.

Noodles were in order after that since we were hungry and it hit the spot so good, it hurt, the Ramen we had was delicious, then to finish the day we climbed to the top of the Columbia Centre. (Elevator actually) It was a great view, though I didn’t have a camera good enough. But trust me it looked great.

Great trip with good memories, I give Seattle


4 Space needles out of 5

P.S. While procrastinating when I had to make this post I spent my time making the following gif. (You gottta click it to make it work)

Thank you.