Lately I’ve been thinking that I need I need to get organized, with being an adult and having to be responsible with a household. Before when I could just brush it off as just being another distracted teen. But now when I forget to buy groceries my groceries don’t magically replenish (thanks to my parents <3), no, now I just starve.  So I started looking into getting a planner and some pens.

Luckily, my lovely wife decided to surprise me with a planner.

Denise at Bush Park
My lovely wife smiling

That just left me with finding a pen, I decided to see if there was good pen to use. so after googling some pens, turns out there’s a whole part of the website I had never been too.

There was just tons and tons of information on different pens, well anyways to cut this long story, short, I was led erroneously to believe that G2 pens were some kind of amazing pen, but it turns out that it was a lie, I ended up buying some Jetstream pens at Staples for 7 dollars, I also got some  F-301.

a whole gaggle of pens
So here is the result of pen shopping after reading several pen reviews

In case you’re interested in learning more useless information on pens, this website does a really good job of condensing it all into an easy to read format about pens, how they work, what you need, and other stuff.


So tonight, which is 10/18/2014, I had some friends over and we finally decided to pop open the champagne bottles we had. They were delicious, well at least the first one was, it was a stella rose type wine. I’m not really a connoisseur of wines, but that one was good, up next we had one that had a really bad smell  and a funky (in a bady way) kind of taste.  I tried to drown out the bad flavors with some crackers and ham but they didn’t really help. I noticed that the second one after a while had a nice aftertaste and I kept drinking and pouring myself glass after glass. Before I knew it I was gone. I didnt even notice I was leaving till I was singing with no shame, but no matter how hard I tried to stop it I couldn’t the lyrics kept coming out.

Star  & Rainbow
This is what it felt like

But anyways, I find myself typing away on the floor, with my wife upset at me, I think I dont know, I cant understand human emotion right now, all I know is that if I turn my head really quickly it feeels  really cool, like if my braind has a slight lag. OMG its so cool, you should try it, well only if you’re over the age of 21. but oh well its almost 2 in the morning I should get to bed. Goodknight internet :)



I meant to say P.S. my wife just got up, she doesn’t seems happy, take care internet :)

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